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I drove xxxltube my car on the M -40 in Buenos Aires, the other day when I find a car to keep me in the middle lane when I was down I was surprised to see that the passenger, who was a lady, I was a gestimate looked at 40 years had the skirt at the waist and seemed ready to stroke her pussy through her ​​panties. As I watched, looked at her blond hair swept from the face and smiled knowingly and began to unbutton her blouse. Now, as she exposed her breasts, I could not just leave the pressure of my cock that was about to blow my jeans and slid my zipper, pull my cock and slowly started rubbing my helmet very humid. We have been part refused to side at least 5 miles, when a mixture of her husband, ran over and said he was approached for me to continue on the road and as I followed, stood at the xxxltube xxxltube top of the road and got the car how he came to me could can not help but notice that I am not alone in having an erection and smiled as I watched. He has sat on the side of the booth and said hello and just leave him and said, 'Now you 're hot you have to catch that ' xxxltube I was speechless and just nodded, said ' we continue its 2 miles. 'When we pulled into the layby and passenger door opened this blond lady got out and approached the truck still in the passenger side, she immediately rubs my cock again and then leaned over he took in his warm mouth as her tongue on my cock jumped on his side worked the front of my pants and put my balls gently massaged my cock mouth inside. Sucked in by this time my hands were rolling in front of her blouse, her nipple between my fingers strong, while the other stroked his neck and played with her hair. We few, managed to slip away as the aft bunk and leaned forward, pulled her thong to orne side and pulled the clit very gently with my tongue as she writhed on the soft bed, when I relaxed a finger in her pussy soaking and find your G-spot, said fuck me hard now. I had to oblige, of course, the same position on it, I found the tip of his hard cock over his hesitation pusst wet lips on her clit and when she asked me that shit, I relaxed in my pussy ready. As I fucked her deep was'nt until orgasm and make her legs around my back, closed her pussy through my difficult of his nails dug into my back felt almost too much, and I almost xxxltube shot my load no but then managed to stop long enough and settled into a slow rhythm of fucking her with long strokes deep, slow, hard rock my cock, slid her hand between us and the xxxltube nail was put my balls and it was too, I felt sperm enters my balls and my cock all the way until after the jet stream in the interior shot that she was grinding her clit against me, and begancum again moaning softly in my ear and pulled my hair. As he leaned back to catch her breath from her husband came to the door and said, do not forget, we must deliver are not what we unfortunately had to order it and leave, but not before exchanging phone numbers and a promise that they visit and allow her husband to take pictures next time, so who knows, could end up on this page xxxltube yet.
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